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At azgrouproofing, we ensure that your home will look 100% satisfactory to your vision. With years of experience, we are able to tackle all type of flat roof replacement projects.

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We offer a range of quick and cost effective solutions. We’ll come by, assess your project, and give you a no-surprise estimate. Call today at 800-796-9002 and we’ll get it set up!

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flat roof replacement

So Your Flat Roof is Leaking and you are searching for the Options of flat roof replacement New York? Are you having issues with your flat roof in the New York area? You've come to the right place. We are the flat-roof experts and excel in the installation of commercial flat roofs, as well as heat welded and rubber roofing systems. Our skilled roofing employees only use the best products for your service or repair needs. Besides our flat-roof services, we also offer roof repair services. With us, you will receive an honest assessment and estimate, as well as timely roof repairs. The weather in the New York can be harsh for the commercial roofs due to the extreme weather conditions from the freezing cold in the winter to the humid, hot summer days. We offer various solutions with exceptional quality products that can stand up to these ever-changing conditions.


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Our roof technicians will carefully inspect your situation, diagnose the problem and then quickly determine the appropriate and affordable solution to fix it. 

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As a trusted company of flat roof replacement New York we emphasis on customer satisfaction. It's our attention to the smallest of details that help to prevent possible damage to your property or facility and its assets in the future.

We have prided ourselves on our integrity and our customer service that has helped our company grow over the years.  You won’t find more experienced, professional flat-roof contractors in the New York till yet. Contact us and we will provide you with our expert solutions. Our roofing experts have been in the business from many years, providing our customers with high-quality service, while maintaining affordable prices. We offer a variety of roofing services, including flat roof restorations, roof repair and flat roof replacements. We also service single-ply and corrugated metal roof installs, and much more. Request a free estimate today! With decades of experience in the roofing industry, we understand the value of our reputation. Once we are done with the flat roof repairs, we help you to develop an effective repair maintenance plan for the future while providing our customers with the highest level of professional standards.